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Yorkin Village

In the Caribbean, there are many community in the Bribri tribe. Yorkin is one of them.

Near Panama, this community has sought to survive by developing tourism and handicrafts. But it is the women who are at the iniciative of this project via their Stëbraupá Association (meaning craftsmen) that men do not have to leave the community to find work.

Yorkin offers a day of relaxation in nature.

After an hour drive to Bambu, you will reach Yorkin with a one hour trip canoe engine (via rio rio Telire and Yorkin)

Treading water:

Walk through the village

Swimming and natural jacuzzi in the Rio Skui

handmade chocolate

Practice of traditional bow

Weaving suita (traditional indigenous roofing sheet

typical lunch

Price : from 40 $ to 70 $ pax    

Begining: at 7 am, complete day

Included : trilingual guide (spanish, english, french)

To bring: sunscreen, reppelent, water, swimwear, good shoes ansd sandals, hat, camera



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